/ study directions / Pedagogue / Care and educational pedagogy and work with the family

Care and educational pedagogy and work with the family

Duration 3 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor degree

Study direction description

Professional care and upbringing as well as work with the family are very much needed today. The more so as the family - while performing an important educational, social, caring and emotional function - undergoes constant changes and adopts various models.

Studies within the specialization are addressed to people who want to obtain qualifications for care and educational work with children, adolescents and adults struggling with difficulties, in care and educational institutions and social welfare institutions.

Document obtained Diploma



What will you learn?

You will gain knowledge in the field of pedagogy, developmental and social psychology, and sociology.
You will learn the concepts, theorems and theoretical models in relation to the care and educational reality, its components, legal foundations and the methodology of care and educational work.
You will learn to recognize contemporary social threats and their consequences.
You will gain the ability to design and implement various care and educational activities supporting the development and functioning of a person in various periods of life and in various social roles.
You will gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of mediation and family support (especially dysfunctional), thanks to which you will be prepared for professional help for the family in the area of ​​its care and educational functions

Job prospects

Educator in total care facilities (emergency care, retirement homes, orphanages)
Class teacher in partial care facilities (dormitories, boarding houses)
Educator in school institutions (boarding houses, community centers)
School counselor
Assistant and environmental tutor
An educator in care and educational centers, community centers, sociotherapy centers, educational centers, preventive and educational clubs, shelters for minors
Family assistant and family foster care coordinator, in family support centers, single mother homes and other similar facilities
Specialist in social welfare departments
Specialist in institutions and non-governmental organizations that deal with prevention and help for people who found themselves in difficult situations

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