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Dont worry about the cost of education, we will finance 100% of its cost

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You will gain experience, expand your horizons

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We will provide you with housing for the entire period of cooperation, and if you rent on your own, you will receive an additional 600zł from us every month

Reimbursement of travel expenses

We cover your traveling expenses to school and work (limit up to PLN 150 per month)

Vacation bonus

Once a year you will receive from us 1.800 PLN for vacation

Financial independence

By combining work and study, you can live by your rules and expectations. You are independent

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Frequently Questions & Answers

  • WORK

To join the project you must be at least 18 years old and not more than 25 years old

You must apply for participation in the project using the application form on the website We would like to inform you that we will contact all interested persons. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by calling our hotline.

If you work with our Agency, you can join the project at any time. However, if you do not cooperate with us, a prerequisite is to work under one of our contracts and start learning. All available job offers are available on the website in the offer tab

Each of the participants applies for any chosen field of study.

In the case of universities conducting classes online, the seat of the university does not matter, while in the case of universities conducting classes in absentia, it is recommended to choose a university near the city where the work is performed.

A person who discontinued education as part of participation in the project is removed from the list of participants, losing the right to benefits, and is obliged to return the funds corresponding to the value of the benefits received. Them may continue to work on general terms.

Learners should: provide a certificate of student status from one of the universities or post-secondary schools in Poland in extramural mode, Register via the application form and express your willingness to participate in the project People planning to start studying in Poland should: Have a secondary school (upper secondary) certificate for people who want to start education in a post-secondary school, * or Have a secondary school-leaving certificate for people who want to start studies, ** Apply for the project via the application form on our website, and To work on one of our contracts throughout Poland - our offers dedicated to the project, as well as those of scientists and schools, can be found on our website *  in a case of foreigners, a copy of the certificate with a translation into Polish ** in the case of foreigners, a copy of the Apostille certificate with a translation by a sworn translator.

As part of the project, the organizer covers 100% of the cost of tuition fees for all participants, in accordance with the schedule of fees indicated by the universities.

The profile of each field of study also includes corresponding job offers that the student can choose under the project.

All available job offers are available on the website in the "job offers" tab.

No, our project may also be attended by people who have not worked so far.

We provide accommodation costs for all participants of the project who decide to live in our accommodation or in student dormitories for the entire duration of their studies. Participants who live in their own accommodation receive a housing allowance of PLN 600. monthly.

As part of the project, we provide accommodation in our accommodation or in student dormitories. The student may also live in his own accommodation and then he will receive a housing allowance from us.

All information about the accommodation we provide is available under each job offer.

The housing supplement is due when the student lives in his / her own accommodation - regardless of whether it is a rented flat or his / her own.

Everyone can participate in the project, regardless of citizenship or nationality.

Opinions of Our Students

Thanks to the project, I can work and study in Poland at the same time in my dream field.

Anna Management

Studying at the ZPSB together with the project changed my life. Of course, in a more positive way - I am studying my dream field and, in addition, I have my own money.

Julia Game design

Meanwhile, another big change enters the improvement system! There is an excellent educational project available all over Poland. What will be the impact of this change on improvement? Because there will be some - that's for sure.

Anastasia Design

The accommodation provided is one of the biggest pluses of the project!

Anna Apartment

I am a student of the last year of logistics. I study and work at the same time, gaining experience. The plan at the university allows me to easily reconcile study with work, and thanks to the project, I have the opportunity to use tuition financing, which is the greatest benefit for me!

Bogdan Logistics

ZPSB and the project primarily focus on the personal development of each of us!

Roman Zachodniopomorska business school

Participation in the project allowed me to get a well-paid job in Poland and study in a post-secondary school as a florist.

Valentina Florist

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