/ study directions / Pedagogue / Rehabilitation and sociotherapy

Rehabilitation and sociotherapy

Duration 3 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor degree

Study direction description

Preventing social maladjustment, supporting the emotional and social development of children, adolescents and adults, and conducting rehabilitation and probation activities are still current challenges faced by educators.

Document obtained Diploma



What will you learn?

You will acquire theoretical foundations in the field of pedagogy, psychology, sociology as well as social rehabilitation and sociotherapy, necessary for planning and implementing diagnostic and therapeutic activities for children, adolescents and adults who are socially maladjusted or at risk of social maladjustment.
You will gain knowledge about systemic and institutional solutions to social problems, including the problem of social maladjustment.
You will gain knowledge and skills in the field of rehabilitation diagnostics, prevention and therapy of behavior disorders.
You will acquire methodological competences in the field of planning and organizing the process of social rehabilitation and sociotherapy of individuals and groups in an open environment and in rehabilitation centers.
You will acquire the ability to use negotiation techniques and mediation in crisis situations.
You will prepare to support a dysfunctional family and an addicted person.
You will prepare yourself to identify the determinants of social maladjustment of children, adolescents and adults, and to creatively undertake rehabilitation and sociotherapeutic activities.
You will prepare to construct and control your own career path, improve your knowledge and professional competences, and perceive professional development in the category of

Job prospects

Work in youth educational centers and youth social therapy centers
Work in care and educational institutions of the socialization, intervention or specialist-therapeutic type
Work in day support facilities (day-care centers, clubs, educational centers)
Work in correctional facilities and shelters for minors
Work in rehabilitation and readaptation centers for addicts
Work in prisons, police, city guards

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