Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego I Ustawicznego MEDYK w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Duration 2 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Babysitter

Study direction description

This profession is an opportunity to support the development of the youngest on a daily basis and provide them with a sense of security during the absence of their parents. A child sitter is a person who takes care of children in various types of institutions, private homes, as well as as part of the activities of companies targeting the youngest and their parents. Her pupils are usually not more than 4 years old.

In this profession, you should work on your patience and be aware of the hardships associated with taking care of an infant or a young child. A child carer knows the basic concepts of pedagogy and psychology and is able to use their knowledge in everyday work. He understands the needs and behavior of his pupils resulting from the age and current stage of development and reacts to them accordingly. Creativity and other soft skills will be an advantage.

Exam Professional exam
Document obtained A diploma confirming professional qualifications and a supplement in English


Gorzów Wielkopolski

What will you learn?

Planning and organizing caring, upbringing and educational work
Nursing a healthy, sick and disabled child
Conducting educational and educational activities supporting the psychomotor development of a child
Promote health and conduct preventive activities
Providing assistance in health-threatening conditions of a child.

Job prospects

Nursing homes
Hospitals, hospices and various centers that take care of children (both able-bodied and disabled)
The babysitter can also work as a nanny, hired by the parents during their absence to look after their children.

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