Medical Guardian

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego I Ustawicznego MEDYK w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Duration 1 rok
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Medical Guardian

Study direction description

Among the trainings offered at MEDYK post-secondary school, a special place is occupied by the professional medical tutor. It is a profession that requires great delicacy and the ability to react quickly with the use of knowledge in the field of diseases, psychology and pathology. Support for the disabled and convalescent people is extremely necessary in many institutions, and often in the private homes of a wide variety of patients.

Exam Professional exam
Document obtained A diploma confirming professional qualifications and a supplement in English


Gorzów Wielkopolski

What will you learn?

Recognizing and solving care problems of a sick and dependent person at various stages of the disease and at different ages
Helping a sick and dependent person to satisfy their bio-psycho-social needs
Assisting a nurse and other medical staff during nursing procedures
Maintenance, disinfection of utensils and tools used during the treatments
Cooperating with the care and therapeutic team during the provision of medical care services for the sick and dependent persons

Job prospects

Care and treatment facilities
Social welfare centers and houses
Non-public health care centers
Individual care
Community nursing homes, foundations and associations working for the sick and disabled

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