Safety techniques

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego I Ustawicznego MEDYK w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Duration 1.5 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Safety techniques

Study direction description

A health and safety technician is a person who prepares employees for safe performance of their work by conducting trainings, keeps a register of accidents in the workplace, determines their causes and presents to their superiors analyzes and proposals for changes aimed at minimizing the risk. The OHS technician supervises the employees' compliance with health and safety rules, and also checks whether the condition of the facility complies with the applicable safety standards. It is responsible work that requires commitment and knowledge of applicable laws in the field of health and safety at work. A health and safety technician should be able to organize his work independently, be perceptive and communicative. The ability to establish contacts with people and the ease of conducting training are features that are desirable in this position. Graduates of the faculty are in demand on the labor market. They will find employment in workplaces and enterprises as a health and safety inspector, in the National Labor Inspectorate and in companies dealing with the organization of training.

Exam Professional exam
Document obtained A diploma confirming professional qualifications and a supplement in English


Gorzów Wielkopolski

What will you learn?

Conducting health and safety training
Determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at the workplace
Knowledge of the risks arising from non-compliance with health and safety rules
Finding solutions aimed at minimizing occupational risk in the workplace
Correctly assess the degree of risk and hazard caused by physical, biological and chemical agents in the workplace
Ability to solve current problems related to safety in the workplace
Preparation of analyzes and reports
The ability to predict the consequences of decisions made to ensure safety

Job prospects

Enterprises and workplaces running a health and safety department
Institutions, organizations running the health and safety department
Companies organizing health and safety training

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