Pharmaceutical Technician

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego I Ustawicznego MEDYK w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Duration 2.5 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Pharmaceutical Technician

Study direction description

A pharmaceutical technician deals with patient service in pharmacies and pharmacy outlets. Additionally, thanks to the acquired knowledge in the field of production, analysis and control of drugs, he can work in the production of drugs, as well as in pharmaceutical wholesalers. It is worth educating in this profession because a pharmaceutical technician has wide employment prospects both in the pharmaceutical industry and in the herbal and chemical industry.

Exam Professional exam
Document obtained A diploma confirming professional qualifications and a supplement in English


Gorzów Wielkopolski

What will you learn?

Preparation of all forms of prescription drugs that do not contain poisons or narcotic substances
Preparing ready-made drugs for sale (portioning, labeling)
Distribution of selected medicinal products and medical devices to patients
Conducting analyzes in laboratories and control of medicinal products and medical devices
Organizing and accounting for the work of a pharmacy point, ordering medicinal products and medical devices, and recording pharmacy equipment
Supervision of technological processes of drug production in the pharmaceutical industry
Operating apparatus, equipment of the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory apparatus and pharmacy equipment

Job prospects

Pharmacies, pharmacy points, sanitary and epidemiological stations
Pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmaceutical inspections
Plants of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal industries
Chemical laboratories for the chemical, herbal and food industries

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