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Database administrator

Duration 3.5 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Engineer

Study direction description

The database administrator is an innovative education proposal, the program of which focuses mainly on issues in the area of ​​digital technologies. The ideal candidate will be a person interested in technological innovations, who would like to deepen programming skills and those related to database administration. If you are one of them, apply without hesitation!

In the course of education, you will most likely come across the following subjects: advanced databases, distributed databases, database access interfaces, data warehouses, and non-relational databases, thanks to which you will receive thorough preparation to enter the labor market consciously.

Document obtained Diploma



What will you learn?

You will learn how database servers work
You will learn about relational and non-relational databases
You will learn the methods of administration of SQL servers
You will learn to use TSQL and PL / SQL
You will learn good practices and tricks of administrators
You will learn about databases and be able to manage them.
You will learn how to secure database platforms

Job prospects

Database developer
Database administrator
PL / SQL developer
Database analyst
Data master

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