WSB University
Duration 3 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor degree

Study direction description

This course combines two areas of skills and knowledge that are currently sought after in the labor market - language skills and business knowledge.

You have the opportunity to obtain prestigious international certificates: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), English for Business and Introdustory Certyficate in Marketing. They are an additional confirmation of your language and business skills, appreciated by employers.

We are committed to developing high communication skills and knowledge of various types of English, which will enable you to function in a corporate environment or in the state service at all levels.

In philology, you will have contact with professional vocabulary from various fields of business, as well as gain translation skills, which will help you enter the path leading to the title of a sworn translator. Business English and translation - English are the specialties that guide the development of competences in these areas of linguistic knowledge.

Choosing the specialization English philology with Spanish or English philology with Norwegian, you will leave the university with a very good command of English and a good knowledge of the second language of your choice. It will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting a well-paid job.

The newly launched American Studies specialization is intended for people who see their future in the tourism industry, a globally operating corporation or in diplomacy.

We put emphasis on skills useful in professional life; classes are conducted by lecturers with practical experience. These include sworn translators, business skills trainers and dictionary authors. A minimum of theory, maximum of practice is our motto. A well-selected, professional and friendly faculty of lecturers is a guarantee of high-quality teaching in philology.

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What will you learn?

You will acquire communication and translation skills and learn professional vocabulary.
You will learn to communicate with the language in various contexts, especially in the sphere of business.
You will gain practical knowledge about the varieties of the language, thanks to which you will be able to efficiently communicate with native speakers around the world.
You will use two languages ​​to the extent that allows you to function effectively in a professional environment.

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