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Finance of small and medium-sized enterprises

Finance and Accounting
Duration 3 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor degree

Study direction description

For some, small and medium-sized enterprises fulfil their dreams of financial independence, for others they are a stable source of income obtained with the simultaneous fulfilment of other professional obligations. Anyone involved in running such a business should know that its financing is different from the financial aspects of large operations. Education in the finance of small and medium-sized enterprises will allow you to understand the most important issues, making it easier to run your business.

The program includes subjects such as budget accounting, financial analysis, macro and microeconomics, as well as insurance, among others. Contact with an interdisciplinary educational program will enable you to acquire broad competences that you can easily use in running your business.

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What are you boring?

You will learn methods of collecting and analyzing financial information from various sources.
You will understand the rules and regulations of business taxation.
You will be able to apply in practice the methods and tools enabling solving problems in the field of corporate finance.
You will learn how to use IT tools that support the financial management process in a company.
You will be able to properly choose the sources of financing your business.
You will learn techniques and methods of conducting financial negotiations.
You will learn to assess the financial situation of the enterprise and the profitability of investments.
You learn how to correctly identify and assess financial risk in an enterprise.

Job prospects

Economic and financial departments in small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular the departments: financial, controlling, budgeting, cost control and risk management
Consulting, investment and tax advisory companies
Financial and accounting consultancy offices
State and local government institutions and organizations supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises
Financial departments of offices (e.g. cities, communes)
Own business

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