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Finance and the insurance market

Finance and Accounting
Duration 3 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor degree

Study direction description

The aim of this field of study is to educate and provide graduates with basic knowledge in the field of finance, accounting and insurance; introducing the principles of financial flows and their standardization as well as methods of securing against possible difficulties and economic problems. The study program should equip the student with knowledge, thanks to which he will become a competent manager and employee who will be able to responsibly monitor costs and manage risk, and the subjects that the student will attend are firmly rooted in legal and economic grounds.

Document obtained Diploma



What will you learn?

You will learn how the insurance market functions and is organized.
You will get the necessary information on the functioning of the insurance company (financial management and organizational aspects).
You will learn the secrets of connecting the insurance sector with other sectors of the financial system (possibilities of using insurance in enterprises and banking).

Job prospects

A specialist in an insurance company and mutual insurance company
A specialist in the insurance brokerage sector - the possibility of applying for a license necessary to conduct agency or brokerage activities
Specialist in bodies related to the functioning of the insurance market (e.g. insurance supervision)
A specialist in institutions related to social insurance and general health insurance
A specialist in a company outside the insurance sector - as a person responsible for the sphere of risk management and decisions related to the development and service of insurance programs

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