English teaching philology

Linguistic and Technical University
Duration 3 years / 2 years
Studies online
Received the degree of Bachelor / Master

Study direction description

If you feel that you would like to share your knowledge with others and teach a foreign language - choose the teaching specialization. Thanks to us, you will gain qualifications that will allow you to work in educational institutions or conduct language courses, also abroad - your rights will be respected in all European Union countries. Thanks to studies at the Linguistic and Technical University, you will gain not only substantive knowledge in the field of foreign language teaching, but also competences in the field of psychology and didactics, which will make your work enjoyable.

You will gain linguistic knowledge as well as psychological and pedagogical preparation to work with students of various ages and levels of advancement.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

During your studies, you will primarily focus on intensive learning of the English language.
You will develop your language skills during practical language lessons, during which you will gain skills in grammar, listening, writing and reading comprehension

Job prospects

Work as an English teacher in various educational institutions
Translator profession, work in translation agencies
Work in mass media centers (radio, TV, press, Internet)
Work in the tourism and service sector, in foreign cooperation departments
Work in editorial offices of magazines and cultural institutions, especially those requiring advanced knowledge of the English language

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