Linguistic and Technical University
Duration 3.5 years
Studies online
Received the degree of Engineer

Study direction description

Engineering studies in the specialization of building constructions provide the education of specialists who, based on the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, are prepared to perform various engineering functions in the general construction and specialist industry, and may be the staff of study and design offices, investment services, manufacturers of building materials and elements, perform a supporting function or be co-authors of creative activities in the design of more complex facilities, having sufficient general and engineering knowledge for the structural design of various types of standard buildings and public utility facilities as well as engineering and industrial structures, including the design of modernization and adaptation of erected buildings and structures.

The construction market in Poland is booming - both in terms of private, corporate and public buildings. Developers buy land for new housing estates, growing companies need new office buildings and production halls, local government units decide to create a new, friendly space for the residents.

We pay more and more attention not only to the functionality of buildings, but also to their energy efficiency, ecology, aesthetics, and spatial composition. New buildings are erected, and the existing ones are subject to thorough renovation. Architects, owners of construction companies, sellers and producers of building materials - they have their hands full, as well as experts and employees of certification bodies.
The market needs young, dynamic specialists, with heads full of ideas and knowledge how to put these ideas into practice. A construction study is a great solution for creative architecture enthusiasts with a talent for science.

By choosing to study at ULT in Przasnysz, the student has the opportunity to learn from the best specialists in the country in the field of construction.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

Managing the execution of all types of building structures.
Supervision of construction contracting.
Organizing the production of building elements.
Managing the construction of new roads and bridges, streets and other communication infrastructure.
Design and management of road works as part of renovation, maintenance and repair of road surfaces, streets.

Job prospects

Construction companies
Design offices
State and local government administration offices
Own business
Administration and local government units
Scientific and research institutions
Education at the secondary and higher level
Outlets for commercial services in building materials and construction equipment;
Private enterprises related to the construction and design industry.

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