University of Olsztyn
Duration 3 years / 2 years
Studies extramural
Received the degree of Bachelor / Master

Study direction description

A graduate of Cosmetology is equipped with knowledge in the field of medical sciences, health and physical culture as well as specialist knowledge in the field of cosmetology. Using the knowledge of basic sciences, he understands physico-chemical and biological processes related to cosmetology. Specialist knowledge includes, among others skin structure and physiology;

methods and techniques of care, beautification, characterization and styling; the effect of cosmetic preparations, indications and contraindications related to their use. The graduate knows the offers of the modern cosmetics and specialized equipment market.

Document obtained Diploma

What will you learn?

Performing treatments in the field of care, healing and beauty cosmetics.
Performing physical therapy treatments, taking into account indications and contraindications.
Determining the type of cosmetic treatments in accordance with the diagnosis, using the nomenclature used in world cosmetology and cosmetology.
Diagnosis based on the tests of the skin and its appendages, to distinguish between healthy and pathologically changed skin.
Characterizing the composition of preparations commonly used in cosmetics and their effects on the skin and the body.

Job prospects

Beauty salons
Wellness centers
Own business.

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